Harry Zimm was never supposed to get this far. What started as a casual outlet for hanging out and late night writing sessions blossomed into a new approach to music for singer/songwriter Andrew Rothlisberger and collaborator Eric Nichelson (Midlake). The two spent countless nights slowly allowing their sound to melt into what it was meant to be. The additions of Ramon Muzquiz (Pageantry) on drums and Bob Cummins Jr. (solo) on keys became the sunlight and water that led the songs to bloom into their final form. Patience and kindness are the backbone of the music of Harry Zimm. From method to final product, you can hear the subtle footprints of a journey that seems almost like a lucid dream more than a creative process. Quiet vocals, heavy grooves, and lush synths permeate the songs when they are at their most dizzying or restrained dynamically.

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